Ovunque tu vada, vedrai i pesci guizzare e le oche svolazzare
(Hung Tzu Ch’eng)

The “Cantiere Nautico Brovelli” was founded by Carletto Brovelli in 1933.
He was a carpenter and constructor of wooden sports crafts, victorious of the settle seat national championship in 1936 and 1939 and of several other competitions. The “Cantiere Nautico Brovelli” was in fact the supplier of various prestigious rowing club of Milano, Pavia and Cremona.

The “Cantiere” is now managed by Maria Brovelli who continues the work of the past generations by combining tradition and experience with new customer options. In 2011 new breakwater pontoons were made for a better quality of the structure and in the full respect of the environment.

The “Cantiere Nautico Brovelli” is set in Ranco, a turists’ destination on the Lombard coast of Lake Maggiore, in a strategic position for people who love to navigate and enjoy the landscapes and beauties of the lake.
From Ranco it is very easy to reach the centre of the lake, where you can admire renowned monumental and natural attractions and you can find very interesting dive sites for all divers.
The territory of Ranco is a protected peninsula of the lake. Since the first hours of the day there are breezes coming from North and South, which are necessary for sailing.

Our services:

  • boat storage and repair
  • underwater works
  • buying and selling of new and second hand boats
  • boat rental

We speak English, French and Spanish.

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